The International Christian Chamber of Commerce - UK


Promoting values, supporting development in the market place


The ICCC UK chamber is part of the international network of ICCC chambers that extends into 105 nations serving business leaders in the UK and throughout the world.  ICCC works locally, nationally and with other nations to create business opportunities, and share the love of Jesus.


The ICCC vision calls for a world-wide network of committed businesspeople in contact with each other, exchanging ideas, products and services; helping sustain and strengthen each other physically and spiritually.



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ICCC UK Gathering.

Theme: Adventuring with God in Your Workplace

Do you believe God is interested in your work life or business?    Are you set for the journey?


Date:   Saturday, 13 February 2016

Venue: Comfort Hotel, Ramsgate, Kent.  

Time: 09:00 - 13:00 



ICCC UK National Conference

Theme: Adventuring with God

Date:   4- 6 March 2016

Venue: Latimer Place, Buckinghamshire.

Venue Details: DeVeres, Latimer Place

ICCC foundational messages by J.Gunnar Olson:


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